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Testimonials: Testimonial

Megan is able to simplify my swing and get me to realize and correct my bad shots. would highly recommend her for any level golfer.


Megan’s instruction was exceptional and the best lesson we have ever taken! The before and after photos she sent us showed the improvements clearly and helped us understand what to do with the new swing, it is so easy to hit the ball We are looking forward to the next lesson with her. Highly recommend. Thank you, Megan


Fantastic Instructor. Can relate and help ANY level golfer!!


I had the great pleasure of coaching with Megan and she is one of the most enthusiastic people I've ever worked alongside. Her knowledge and skill is second to none. I would recommend her for anyone of any ability looking to improve their game.


Megan has made golf fun again for me. She doesn’t teach on blind faith like many teachers I have had,... she teaches based on a good sound understanding of the game and a keen ability to communicate the whys and why nots of everything she teaches. She would be the perfect instructor for an Uber analytical sort like myself


My husband and I both take lessons from Megan, Megan has the ability to simplify your swing with immediate results!! We both have taken lessons from numerous instructors over the years and she is by far the best we have found!


Thank you for coming to Harbor Hills! Your ability to quickly analyze a golf swing is truly amazing. Your personalized lessons have certainly helped my skills, using words I can actually understand, and with tips I can remember. I sincerely appreciate that you have not tried to change everything at once, but are guiding me step by step to be a better golfer. I look forward to working with you. Keep up the great job, and that lovely Irish smile.


I lived with Megan while we both worked at a country club right out of college. we played together regularly and I eventually gave in and let her teach me while we played. Shaved strokes off of my game in every aspect all by making small changes that helped my swing in every aspect. She knew the fix the first time we played but it took a month or so for me to stop being stubborn and let her teach me. She’s a great coach for golfers of any level. Highly recommend!


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